About Us

Hog Roast LanarkshireYou won’t find a company who is more passionate or knowledgeable about hog roast catering anywhere else in Lanarkshire than the Hog Roast Lanarkshire team. We combine artisan hog roasts with inventive menus in order to treat our diners in Lanarkshire to an unforgettable feast, whatever the occasion. We strive to offer you a menu that is perfectly tailored to meet your needs and exceed the expectations of your guests.

Exciting mobile catering anywhere in Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire is a particularly picturesque region of Scotland that is home to two UNESCO world heritage sites and beautiful countryside, as well as an abundance of charming villages and vibrant metropolitan areas. The county appeals to all tastes, whether you are looking for the best views, the best hiking trails or the best shopping and nightlife in Scotland.

Hog Roast LanarkshireIt goes without saying that providing mobile event catering services in this diverse part of Scotland is a rewarding occupation for the Hog Roast Lanarkshire team and we have ample opportunity to showcase our versatility. We travel the length and breadth of Lanarkshire on a regular basis to provide our superior hog roast catering services and diverse menus for every type of event you could think of.

We have catered in every part of this fascinating region and we feel just as at home venturing into rural areas as we do when we are catering amid the hustle and bustle of busy towns. We are equipped to cater with ease in any setting in Lanarkshire because we have the most cutting edge catering hog roasting equipment on the market, combined with an adaptable catering team who are able to cater to the best of their ability close to nature in a countryside setting or in a cosier indoor setting in an urban environment.

The freshest ingredients in Lanarkshire

Hog Roast LanarkshireIt isn’t just the quality of our signature dish that we invest such a great deal of time and patience into ensuring it is absolutely perfect. The quality of all of our ingredients is of primary importance to us and we never compromise on the standard of our food or our pledge to prepare all of our dishes from scratch on-site for each event we cater for. You will find only the freshest locally sourced produce in all of the dishes on our menus and we always freshly prepare every item of food on our menus at the venue.

If you hire us to cater for your event, we can give your guests an authentic dining experience and the opportunity to see your food being prepared right in front of you. Our friendly team and cutting-edge hog roast machine also make a great focal point for any event and contribute to creating a truly sociable dining experience.

Hire one of our hog roast machines

Hog Roast LanarkshireIf you are looking for the ultimate DIY catering option to impress your guest but you feel a bit daunted about preparing the food yourself, the Hog Roast Lanarkshire team are on hand to help. Doing your own hog roast is the ideal way to provide high quality food for your guests and we have an impressive range of machines to hire that you can choose from.

All of our machines available for hire are designed to be completely user friendly, even if you don’t have much event catering experience and our highly experienced team will ensure that we supply you with a machine that completely suits you. Whether you are looking to take your barbequing to the next level by treating your family to some fantastic spit roasted pork for a party, or you are perhaps already running your own mobile catering services and you would like to offer your diners a high volume of perfectly cooked freshly prepared meat, the Hog Roast Lanarkshire team will have the ideal machine for you to hire.